Professor of Personality Psychology and Motivation

Prof. Dr. Markus Quirin

Professor Dr. Markus Quirin

Prof. Dr. Markus Quirin

Prof. Dr. Markus Quirin earned his doctorate and university lecturing qualification under Prof. Dr. Julius Kuhl at University of Osnabrück. Following various international research stations such as Stanford University and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Quirin has been working as a Professor of Personality and Motivation at PFH Göttingen since April 2019. His research focuses on personality, motivation and emotion, as well as their neuronal correlates and effects on mental health. Quirin has published more than 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and numerous book chapters. As a first author, he published the first standardized method for measuring implicit ("unconscious") emotions, which has been translated into more than 15 languages and is very well received internationally. In addition, he pioneered neuronal mechanisms of death awareness, adult attachment, alienation, and social motives. Not least, Quirin has strongly contributed to the establishment of a new research discipline "Existential Neuroscience". Current research areas relate to the abilities to regulate emotions and stress, implicit affect, the experimental investigation of determinants and consequences of self-determination versus alienation at work, and the advancement of an integrative model of personality dynamics.

Work and research interests

  • Personality Dynamics: An Integrated Self-Regulation Approach Toward Personality
  • Emotional Flexibility: Assessment, Determinants, and Consequences for Mental Health
  • mHealth: Digital Assessment & Intervention at the Workplace
  • Experimental Investigation of Alienation at the Workplace
  • Self-Regulation: Assessment and Health-Related Consequences of Individual Differences in Self-Determination, Self-Access
  • Implicit Affect & Implicit Motives: Assessment, Neurobiology & Effects on Cognition, Behavior, and Health
  • Existential Neuroscience
  • Personality Systems Interactions Theory
  • Social Motives: Assessement and Effects on Cognition and Behavior\


Here you can find more information about Markus Quirin’s research.


Visions and objectives

  • Expansion of cooperation between PFH and large companies in the context of resource-based occupational health prevention
  • Establishment of an eHealth Research Institute: Digital Personality Assessment & Coaching
  • Contribution to the development of an integrative model of personality dynamics
  • Creation of an app-based learning platform for the subject of personality psychology
  • To constantly improve my teaching in the sense of an everyday and practice-relevant personality psychology.
  • Support of young scientists in personality and motivational psychology



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