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User Experience Management & Design, Master of Science

Professor Dr. Hubert Schüle
Professor Schüle ist Dozent an der PFH Göttingen und unterrichtet im UX-Studium an der PFH, er trägt ein helles Hemd und einen dunklen Anzug.
Auf einem Computerbildschirm sieht man farbige Grafiken für ein Projekt im Master-Studium UX Design an der PFH Göttingen.

Create digital experiences for users

Have you ever been triggered by poor user experience? Or when you install a programme and it does not work the way it should? The reviews in the App Store, Play Store, etc. talk about missing or confusing functions, but there are also a lot of satisfied customers that find the app to be a lifesaver.

One of the goals of the "User Experience Management & Design" program is to ensure that your program or app makes it into the group of satisfied customers. You will also learn how to develop a business model that is sustainable in the digital world, as well as other topics that will help you create a successful business model. You will be learning all of this and more by putting theory into practice and working on your own projects.

All facts about the programme


Master of Science 90 ECTS

Study location


Length of study

3 semesters (1,5 year)

Start dates

April 1st, October 1st each year

Entry requirement

Completed university degree in economics, psychology, business psychology or business informatics or in a closely related subject (see also "Semester 0")

Tuition fees

€5,100 per semester;

€1,000 admin and enrolment fee (one-time fee)

€1,000 examination fee (one-time fee)

Study content

The master's programme lasts three semesters, in which you acquire the skills to work in companies in the area of user experience, but to also be a product owner or strategic planner in similar fields. You will gain practical knowledge through numerous projects and case studies in each semester. In preparation for the job market, you will not only acquire the needed theoretical knowledge in the field of UX design, but you will also acquire important skills to help you apply this knowledge to practice and learn how to use the relevant tools. In addition, you will be able to oversee projects with different frameworks and work with others to come to a successful product. A scientific-theoretical orientation of the master's programme is shown in the examination of current research statuses in the lectures, as well as in the preparation of scientific papers.

Studierende sitzen in der Vorlesung und lernen die Inhalte im Studium

Digital Business Modelling, Strategy and Marketing

Digital Marketing / Digital Platforms / Digital User-Centric Business Models and Strategies


The User in Society

Personality and Behaviour / Self and Society


Information Architecture

Technologies of Digital Systems / Development of Digital Systems


International Management

International Human Resource Management / International Controlling


UX Evaluation I

Human-Computer Interaction / Analysis of User Interaction / Usability and User Experience Evaluation


Psychology and UX Design

Persuasive Design / Experience

Conception and prototyping

UX Design Process / Ideation and Creation


UX Evaluation II

Market Research / Requirements Engineering / Ethics



Interaction Design / Interface Design


User Behaviour Control

Decisions and Attitudes / Social Behaviour and Interaction


Data Analytics and Security

Data Analytics / Data and Security


Innovation and Customer Management

Innovation Management / Customer Relationship Management



Master Thesis

Master Thesis and Disputation

After graduation - your career begins

With the Master of Science in User Experience & Design, you will qualify to work in companies, organisations and start-ups as a UX designer, product owner, innovation manager, UX engineer, UX researcher, UX strategist, UX manager, product manager, strategic planner or digital information officer/manager (DIO/DIM).

  • Product Owner

    Product owners are at home in the IT industry. They decide on the development of a product and make quick decisions about which tasks their team should do first. Product owners should correctly understand the ideas of customers in order to design a plan for them, which they in turn bring to the development team. They work in the so-called Scrum Team. This means a process model for project and product management, especially in agile software development, but also in other areas.

  • UX Designer

    UX is the abbreviation for User Experience and always arises when users interact with digital products. UX designers think their way into the users of an application. This is the basis for their concept, which they create for building a digital application. UX designers are therefore experts in the development of new products with a view to customer acceptance. The usability of the product plays a role here, as do its design and emotional components.

  • UX Researcher

    In the master's program User Experience (UX) Design & Management, the scientific examination of the user perspective is taught. This means that as a graduate you can find a job as a UX researcher. They master the methodology to research the behaviour of the users and know their needs and problems. You forward this information to product developers, marketing or designers. Among other things, you will support marketing in aligning campaigns in a more target audience-oriented and user-oriented manner.

  • Innovation Manager

    Businesses should stay innovative to keep up with the competition. To ensure that innovative ideas are successfully implemented, companies hire innovation managers. They are less responsible for inventing new products and instead observe the market for new ideas and products and accompany the development process from concept to execution. You will work with colleagues from many areas: from company management, research and development departments, controlling, sales and marketing.

  • Online Marketing Manager

    Did you particularly enjoy content such as market research and product marketing during your UX Design studies? If you would also like to work in a profession in which digital skills are important, the Online Marketing Manager profession is the right one for you. Otherwise, you can also work as a Marketing Manager designing campaigns for both online and offline channels. In marketing, you control content processes and create performance reports. The goal is to strengthen the company's brand and increase visibility.

  • UX Writer

    UX writers are responsible for creating the terms that appear in the user interface of software applications. They ensure that the connections within the application are clear and that users can successfully use the marketing, sales and customer service software for themselves. You can provide products with details that inspire users and set the product apart from the competition. UX copywriters work in teams with product managers, designers and developers.

  • Chief Digital Officer

    All companies have to face digital transformation. A qualified Chief Digital Officer or Digital Manager is required for this. They develop new products and services, new digital processes and business models. At the same time, the risks associated with digitization must not be ignored. They are hardly involved in day-to-day business but rather take care of overriding goals of digital transformation.

Student plant seine Karriere und Berufsmöglichkeiten nach UX Design im Fernstudium

Job Guarantee

Since there are plenty of job openings in the German job market, we are confident our students will find jobs quickly after they finish studying. That's why we're offering a 20% refund on full tuition fees if they don't land a job within 9 months of graduating.

To be eligible for the refund, the student must:

  • successfully completed their studies within the regular study period.
  • attained a minimum GPA of 2.5 upon graduation.
  • shown proof of a B2 level German language proficiency in form of a certificate.
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Would you like to know more?

Who can study at PFH

Things you need

You are passionate about...
Consumer behaviour and the conception of digital products so that customers enjoy using them.
You bring these qualifications with you...
Bachelor in economics, psychology, business psychology or business informatics or in a closely related subject

Things you do not need

to have a PFH bachelor
Find the perfect balance between work and family life with our cutting-edge blend of on-campus and distance learning!
Subject-specific prior knowledge
Students with different bachelor's degrees are admitted, and individual skills adjustment is included in the course.

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FAQ – the most frequently asked questions

At PFH University, you can apply at any time.

  • Application form via our website
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter of motivation
  • School leaving certificate (University Entrance Certificate)
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (or provisional certificate, if not yet awarded)
  • Transcript of records for your Bachelor's degree
  • Proof of English proficiency (minimum B2 level)
    • English language certificate: TOEFL iBT 86, IELTS 6.5, Duolingo, or equivalent.
    • Document stating that the medium of instruction of your Bachelor’s course was English.
  • An employment reference is optional, though highly recommended
  • Copy of passport
  • Digital photo for your university card

Yes, you will need proof of advanced English language skills, e.g. Bachelor’s taught in English, TOEFL, IELTS, ESOL CAE or BEC Higher.

If you are a citizen of a country in the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you do not require a visa or other documentation to enter Germany and study here. However, once you arrive and find accommodation, you must register with the local residents’ registration office.

If you are coming from a country other than the ones named above, you will require a visa. For more information specific to your home country, please visit the Federal Foreign Office website.

At PFH University, we offer international students three types of scholarships:

  • STIBET-Programmes
  • DAAD Prize
  • Deutschland Stipendium/Germany Scholarship

For more information on each of the scholarships, click here.

During your studies, you are generally allowed to do 120 full days or 240 half-days of paid work and take small student jobs. In exceptional circumstances, your local foreigners office may impose further restrictions.

International students coming to Germany have two options when it comes to accommodation: student halls of residence and private accommodation. For more information, you can visit the Accommodation Finder from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or contact our international office.

When you compare Germany to other European countries, you’ll find that it’s not very expensive. The living costs are just slightly higher than the EU average, with rent being the largest expense. On average, students in Germany spend around 850 EUR per month (750 EUR in Göttingen for the management degree).

Questions - always welcome

Do you still have questions about your studies? We are by your side! Our consulting team can be reached under the following contact options.