Study in Germany at PFH University

Studierende der PFH beim Lernen im Freien

Our Academic Programmes

Experience world-class education in the heart of Germany at PFH University! Take the first step towards an unforgettable academic adventure!

Practically oriented business administration study programmes for holders of university entrance qualifications and Bachelor's degrees.

> General Management, Master of Science

Interdisciplinary study programme that includes computer science, management and psychology.

User Experience Management & Design, Master of Science

Unique engineering study programmes covering all matters relating to the future technology of carbon materials and composites.

Lightweight Engineering & Composites, Master of Science

> Digitalization and Automation, Master of Science

> Industrial Engineering, Master of Science

> New Mobility - Micromobility, Master of Science

Student Buddy Program

Ease into campus life with our student buddy program! Connect with experienced peers who provide support, guidance, and a friendly face, making your academic journey a breeze.

Perks of studying at PFH

  • Receive personalized attention and thrive in small, interactive classes!
  • Get hands-on experience with our practical study programs!
  • Launch your career with confidence - our graduates enjoy exceptional job prospects!
  • Master cutting-edge technology in carbon fiber and composites with our high-tech study programs!

Empower your academic journey with the perfect learning environment!

Our study programs are designed with input from top industry partners and cutting-edge research, ensuring the best possible preparation for your future career. Plus, with modern campuses in Göttingen and Stade, you'll have all the resources you need to succeed at your fingertips!

Why study privately at PFH?

Curious about the perks of private education at PFH versus a state university? Look no further! Check out the unbeatable advantages of our study program below and discover why PFH is the ultimate choice for your academic journey.

Practically-oriented study programmes

The content of our study programmes is geared to the real needs of business. Furthermore, all the PFH's on-campus study programmes contain a high practical element. Depending on the course of study, practical projects with collaborating companies, extensive work placements and/or technical qualification in laboratories and workshops complement the theoretical content. This will remove any reality shock that you may face when entering working life.

Effective Teaching Methodology

The demand for our graduates proves that the PFH's study programme concept is working well: 99 per cent of them find direct entry to a career in less than six months after completing their studies. Many are recruited even while they are studying.

Individual supervision rather than full lecture theatres

Our courses take place in small groups as opposed to in lecture theatres where lecturers hardly know their students. Our professors are always ready to listen to you and advise you about subjects relating to your studies as well as questions concerning your career path. A study programme at the PFH will develop you individually in terms of both your subject matter and personal skills. We attach importance to you always having a contact person for your concerns during your studies and to our achieving your goals together.

Alternative distance-learning study programme

If you would like to gain qualifications autonomously and with no constraints on location, please do not hesitate to find out about our Distance-Learning Study Programme.

Information on studying in Germany

Before starting your course of study in Germany, many things need to be considered. Here are some important tips and helpful links.


Citizens from non-EU countries need a visa to enter Germany. The Embassies and General Consulates (foreign representations) of the Federal Republic of Germany are responsible for issuing visas. For your study period at PFH, you must apply for a “visa for study purposes” (student visa). To apply, you need a confirmation of acceptance from PFH. Student visas are usually issued for three to six months. As soon as you are in Germany, you must then apply for a residence title at the Immigration Office. Citizens of EU States do not need a visa.

The German Embassy or Consulate in your home country will give you all the relevant information relating to the visa application. You will find the addresses of all German foreign representation offices as well as detailed information about the current visa requirements for your country on the website of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Health Insurance

Foreign students are obligated to take out health insurance in Germany. In order to register, you have to present a health insurance certificate. Please organise your health insurance in Germany in good time before your study stay. Tips on the topic of health insurance are available, for example, from the German Student Services Association (Deutsches Studentenwerk) on their website for international students.


If you want to study in Göttingen, we can apply for a furnished room in a residence at the Student Services Association in Göttingen. The application is non-binding and free of charge. If you don’t want to stay in dormitories, private housing is also available. Please use the following links to look for private rooms:

More information, the application form and private accommodation are available via the links on the following pages:

Questions - always welcome

Do you still have questions about your studies? We are by your side! Our consulting team can be reached under the following contact options.