5 Benefits of doing an internship during your studies in Germany

Students doing internship in germany

Whether you are studying business, management, finance or a different field, an internship is a great opportunity to get the know-how of things and put your theoretical skills into practice. An internship while studying abroad will enrich you with international working skills and give you an insight to a different culture. 

It’s no secret that some countries are more popular than others in terms of studying and internships. So if you’re already studying in Germany or planning to, here are 5 benefits of doing an internship while studying abroad.

1. Thriving economy & high employment rate

A good economy and stable economic growth mean a positive impact on society, resulting in higher income per capita and a low unemployment rate (3.6%).
Germany’s economy is ranked number one in Europe and number four worldwide. The country offers great opportunities for international students and people who seek work.
As a student, you’ll gain a powerful educational background and you’ll have a chance to be an intern at some of the world’s leading German companies, like Daimler, SAP or Continental - the latter two are by chance also members of the curatorium of the PFH, along with Airbus, PWC and many more renowned companies. It’s no doubt that it’s a benefit to have an international working experience on your resume.

2. High living standard

Working hours in Germany can be very flexible and most interns work 6-8 hours a day. Internships can be paid better than in other European countries with the minimum wage being 8.50 EUR per hour. Of course, this depends also on your negotiation skills, but prices in Germany are comparably lower than in most other western countries, which results in being able to enjoy a decent lifestyle - even while being a student.

3. German language

Although a big portion of the German population speaks English, it’s very likely that you’ll be surrounded by German-speaking students and colleagues during your stay.
Knowing German is a big plus when applying for an internship. You get to study the language for free whether it’s part of the preparations for your studies or your internship, so take your chance to learn and improve your language skills!

4. Public transport

Getting around Germany is easy!
Public transportation is very popular, as well as cheap and effective. Germany is very well connected all throughout, in all means of travel.
A great perk to being a student and an intern is a travel discount. Students can use local transport for free with a Semesterticket. And as an intern, your travel to and from the workplace is often paid for.

5. Events

Germany is home to many events and happenings, among which is the most popular Oktoberfest. But every region has their own special festivities, most are as good as the Octoberfest or even better - especially because there are fewer tourists.
You can find events in every corner and you can for sure find people to go along with, whether it’s your colleagues from your internship or the 300.000 other international students.

Hope you liked our list of benefits of being an intern while studying abroad in Germany. If you are still in the phase of considering where to study in Germany, take a look at our General Management study programme and internship/job guarantee. At the PFH we bring together the benefits of studying abroad, with many good company contacts for an internship that is part of your studies.