7 Reasons to study management in Germany

Management students in Germany

7 Reasons to study management in Germany

Known for excellent higher education and a highly developed economy, Germany is quite the attractive study-abroad destination for many students worldwide. Now, studying management in Germany comes with many advantages and might just be the best choice for any student from the field of business.

Interested in studying management in Germany? Below are 7 reasons why you should go for it!


1. German economy

You’ll be enjoying the advantage of studying management in a country with the strongest economy in Europe, accounting for 28% of the euro area economy. German unemployment remains one of the lowest in Europe at 3.6%, which means there’s always demand for goods and services, ergo for jobs. Strong German economy means a constant influx of educated workers, not just Germans, but also from other countries.


2. R&D investment

Germany is a regional leader in R&D investment. The public and private sectors have made a commitment to spend around 3% of the national GDP, per year, on R&D activity. That’s approximately EUR 70 billion each year. With more than half a million R&D professionals, the country continues to attract a top-notch talent pool. What all of this means for students studying management in Germany is regular access to professional training, renowned and established universities and continuous German R&D investment.


3. One single market 

Being the founding member of the European Union, the German single market guarantees the free movement of goods, capital, services and labour within the EU. And this is only one geographic advantage. Despite the country’s reunification almost three decades ago, there remains an economic divide between what were once East and West Germany. This offers big opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop businesses in Germany.


4. Innovation and economic freedom

The 2018 index of economic freedom reports that Germany is on the rise! Economic freedom is partly responsible for the country becoming a seedbed for innovation and entrepreneurial initiative. According to Eurostat, Germany has the largest share of patents (over 40%) within the EU. Patents reflect inventive activity and they also show the capacity to exploit knowledge and translate it into potential economic gains.


5. Internationally recognised degrees

Universities in Germany all operate under the Bologna reform. Studying at PFH ensures you will get a unified and accredited master’s degree accepted worldwide due to the state-accreditation. With such a degree, you’ll stand out from the competition when applying for the best jobs and employers can be confident that you possess the skills and education they seek.


6. Staying in Germany after finishing your studies

We’ve talked about this in one of our previous blog posts, but let’s quickly go over it just in case you are new to our blog. After graduating, you’ll have the chance to stay on and seek work in Germany. The law allows international graduates to stay for an additional 18 months, and you may even end up staying longer, if that’s what you wish.


7. Great job opportunities

All over Germany you will find great job opportunities for almost every field of expertise. Should you choose to study at PFH, we offer graduates of the study programme in General Management (M.Sc.) a job guarantee; while students and graduates often get internships and jobs at one of the many corporate partners such as SAP or T-Systems.


We appreciate you taking the time to read our 7 reasons to study management in Germany. At PFH we bring together the benefits of studying abroad!