How to balance work and study while pursuing an MBA degree

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While it is definitely possible to work full-time while pursuing an MBA programme, make no mistake that it can be a lengthy and, at times, difficult process. Of course, balancing your studies with work and life is rarely easy and typically involves careful preparation and constant negotiation. Read on for some valuable tips that can help you balance work and study while pursuing an MBA degree.

Set a study place

No matter how big or small your household happens to be, living with other people (especially children) can be a real challenge when it comes to completing academic work at home. Establishing a dedicated study space is a great method to mentally and physically separate your studies from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, even if you live alone. Your study space can be anything from a room in your house to a public space such as a local coffee shop or a coworking space. The place should be tidy, organised, and comfortable, as well as have low noise levels and minimum distractions.

Create a schedule

It should go without saying, but everyone who struggles with time management has to have a pre-planned schedule. If your professional work hours are set, you should put them on the schedule first. The next step is to assess how much time you can actually commit to studying and other personal and family activities. It is also crucial to schedule appropriate time for sleep and self-care. For those who tend to put things off, making and sticking to a schedule is especially important.

Know your limits and abilities

Most people already have a fairly solid and specific understanding of their academic and professional strengths and weaknesses. For example, some may be able to ace an exam with limited studying time, but others may take longer to go through the study material. Take a moment to consider your strengths and weaknesses so you can design the MBA path that makes the most sense for you.

Ask for help and support

One of the most important skills a senior executive can have in order to succeed in the corporate world is creating and employing effective networks of support. This might mean asking your family for help or hiring a housekeeping company to take a few household chores off of your plate. It might also mean informing your workplace superiors of the unique demands of your MBA studies. In all cases, students should always communicate openly with fellow students as well as professors and administrators.

Make time for free time

Self-care is crucial, especially for those who are attempting to strike a balance between work and school with the personal needs of family and friends. People who do not schedule free time into their weekly schedule are bound to suffer mental and physical repercussions, sooner or later. In other words, think twice before neglecting self-care in favour of spending every waking minute working, studying, and attending to household responsibilities. 



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