Career prospects for graduates of distance learning human resource psychology

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Human resources (HR) and psychology are both people-centered professions. The growing recognition of how closely these two disciplines are tied to one another demonstrates the importance of psychology in HR. In fact, a large number of graduates go on to have successful and fulfilling careers. Here are the different career prospects for graduates of distance learning human resource psychology.

Human resources (HR)

After completing your studies with a focus on human resource psychology, one of the fields you can work in is human resources. HR is an exciting interface between company management and employee management. Nowadays, the HR department is no longer responsible just for employee administration, payroll accounting and employee support. Daily tasks also include HR communication, recruiting, employee training and employer branding.

Change management

As a trained HR manager, you can also work in the field of change management. Change management involves the planning and management of change processes within a company. In times of digitisation, change is necessary in many companies making the profession of a change manager more valuable than ever. Company processes are constantly being changed by digitisation, as well as by other circumstances.

Project management

Project management is a diverse, cross-sector and interdisciplinary profession in which you initiate, plan, control and monitor projects and lead them to completion. Daily tasks include writing business cases, creating project structure plans, cost statements, resource planning and organising and leading meetings. When working in teams, project managers also take on managerial tasks.

Business consulting

Business consultants have excellent skills in the area of optimising business processes. They analyse organisational practices, identify weaknesses, and recommend solutions. Most business consultants specialise in specific areas such as human resources, management or marketing and provide expert advice on that topic. Business consultants have great chances of advancing in their professional careers with a degree in human resource psychology. 

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human resource psychology statistics
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  1. Psychology is the second most popular course for women in Germany - 
  2. More than 9000 students graduated from psychology in 2019 in Germany - 
  3. The average monthly salary for a change manager in Germany is 5.150 euros -