Recognition of previous achievements

students looking back on previous achievements

Recognition of previous achievements

At PFH university, we recognise many of your previous achievements in our bachelor’s and master’s distance learning courses. This includes both from your completed face-to-face and distance learning courses, as well as from training or further education. Recognition of previous achievements can often enable you to start your studies further down the curriculum thus shortening the time it takes you to complete your studies at PFH and reducing the tuition fees of the standard study period.

Conditions for the recognition of previous achievements

Recognition is possible if equivalence with the modules of our curricula is given within the framework of an equivalence test. This means that the content, scope and requirements of the services you provide correspond to those of our distance learning courses. In the case of the skills being acquired a long time ago, we check the context of the recognition to see whether your previous achievements still correspon to the current status of the specialist discipline. 

Saving on duration of studies and tuition fees

If you have already successfully finished training and further education, you will have a clear advantage. If your subject of interest has an economic connection, you can benefit from one of the many standard recognition. This especially applies to the bachelor programmes we offer. Here, you can have up to 90 ECTS credited. That is enough to shorten your studies in half and also save on tuition fees. All standardised recognitions of the BA in Business Administration also apply to all specialisations, such as entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing and sales, etc. 

Receiving feedback for recognition

Since we do individual case assessment, we kindly ask for your understanding and patience should your feedback take some time to get to you. Our recognition officers will contact you within four weeks with a summary of the recognised modules and a statement as to whether you can enroll in the course in a later semester. The examination board, in agreement with the person in charge of the relevant module, will decide whether and to what extent your external achievements will be recognised. Your enrolment by the examination office results in a legally binding recognition.

Transferring to PFH from another university

Transferring to PFH is easy if you already are or were enrolled in the same or a similar course at another university. There are general rules for recognition of achievements from modularised courses. We do individual case-by-case assessment from diploma courses or related disciplines at a domestic or foreign university. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post on recognition of previous achievements. If you are thinking about studying abroad, take a look at our distance learning programmes. At PFH we make sure you receive a high-quality education that makes balancing your work and studies easier!