Sightseeing and fun student activities in Göttingen


An international study experience comes with a lot of perks. Whether it’s being in a new country, learning a new language, or finding a great job, studying abroad is both an adventure and a gateway to an international career. 

Göttingen is a green, very colourful and diverse city in the southernmost part of Lower Saxony in Germany. It’s quite busy and full of students which makes it very easy for newcomers to settle. More than a third of the population are students (around 40.000) out of which half are international students. The vibrant atmosphere is what makes Göttingen such a popular destination for studying. If you’re looking for this kind of a place, and are studying management, then Göttingen is the city for you! And studying at PFH comes with a job guarantee with one of many corporate partners, such as Continental and PwC with offices in Hannover, an hour away from Göttingen. 

Apart from being a hub for international students, Göttingen is quite a charming city. Here are some of the many cool places you can see while studying there.



Sitting atop the old town well in front of the old town hall is Gänseliesel, the Goose Girl. It is a statue of a young girl and her geese and is the most celebrated icon of Göttingen that even has its own festival each year in September. Gänseliesel might be the most kissed girl in the world since it is believed that if you bring her flowers and kiss her, good luck will follow you. 

Plesse Castle

Only about 10 minutes north of Göttingen you can find a beautiful castle built in the 12th century. Plesse Castle has a lot of history behind it, but in the 17th century, it became a ruin and was left to deteriorate for the next 200 years before restoration at the beginning of the 19th century. You can go on a tour of the buildings, come up to admire the view, eat at the restaurant, or even attend a concert or play in the summer. 

The Leine river and Göttingen forest

For those who are looking forward to spending time outside, surrounded by beautiful nature, Göttingen has much to offer! The Leine is a river in Lower Saxony that is 281 kilometres long and surrounded by fields. Along its course is Göttingen with its Göttingen forest which is south of the Leine Uplands. So both are quite close to each other and if you enjoy walking, hiking and cycling, then you will love this area!

Göttingen is, without a doubt, a city rich with history, enclosed by the remains of the mediaeval town wall, with authentic half-timbered houses dating from the 14th to the 18th century. A very convenient thing is that all places of interest are at most a leisurely ten-minute walk away. Not only is Göttingen rich with history, but it also has a rich cultural life, with theatres, orchestras, museums and large events that evoke interest well beyond the city boundaries. 

Let’s go over some of the fun activities that take place in Göttingen.


Fun activities

Open Air Cinema at the Brauweg outdoor pool

The outdoor swimming pool Am Brauweg is the oldest of the three swimming pools in Göttingen. From the end of June until the end of August you can enjoy the open air cinema in the evening hours. You will find movies ranging from the classics to newly released ones, both German and Hollywood-made.  

Open Air Festival at the Kaiser Wilhelm Park (KWP)

For all music lovers, every year in August, Göttingen is home to the open air festival at the KWP. With a unique location and great ambience, the festival offers a mix of music for the young and the old. Four bands a day, for two days, turn the KWP into a beautiful attraction for the eyes and the soul. 

Apex - live performance in Göttingen

Started as a cabaret and culture venue in 1971, Apex offers the perfect combination of an art gallery, performance venue and restaurant. They host jazz sessions, concerts, stand-up comedy, cabaret performances, and other interesting events. 

Savoy - club in Göttingen

Spread over several levels, Savoy, this former bank just outside Göttingen’s inner city changes its spots each night. Wednesday night is student night (pretty much all over Germany), while the “after-work party” kicks off on Thursday. You’re likely to hear something banging on Friday, too.

Monster Café - cafe in Göttingen

Monthly drink specials, craft beers, vivid purple walls and a fondness for heavy music distinguish this friendly little cafe bar. It’s great for grabbing that everyday cup of coffee before, in between, and after classes, as well as hanging out with friends in the evenings. 

We hope you enjoyed reading our lists and learning something new about Göttingen. If you’re still in the phase of considering where to study in Germany, take a look at our master's in General Management, with a campus located in Göttingen. At PFH we make sure that you enjoy your student life while studying