Learn how to develop a business model that is sustainable in the digital world, as well as other topics that will help you create a successful business model.

User Experience Management & Design, Master of Science

Professor Dr. Hubert Schüle
Professor Schüle ist Dozent an der PFH Göttingen und unterrichtet im UX-Studium an der PFH, er trägt ein helles Hemd und einen dunklen Anzug.
Auf einem Computerbildschirm sieht man farbige Grafiken für ein Projekt im Master-Studium UX Design an der PFH Göttingen.

Interdisciplinary study programme

that includes engineering, business science, digitalization and sustainability

Putting theory into practice

through numerous projects and case studies

Completely in English

and according to the latest industry requirements

Programme details

Have you ever been triggered by poor user experience? Or when you install a program and it does not work the way it should? The reviews in the App Store, Play Store, etc. talk about missing or confusing functions, but there are also a lot of satisfied customers that find the app to be a lifesaver.

Our Master of Science in User Experience Management & Design ensures that your program or app makes it into the group of satisfied customers. 

The master's programme lasts three semesters, in which you acquire the skills to work in companies in the area of user experience, but to also be a product owner or strategic planner in similar fields.

You will gain practical knowledge through numerous projects and case studies each semester. In preparation for the job market, you will not only acquire the needed theoretical knowledge in the field of UX design, but you will also acquire important skills to help you apply this knowledge to practice and learn how to use the relevant tools.

Study content

  • Digital business modelling, strategy and marketing
  • Basic and advanced knowledge in psychology, computer science and international management - according to your previous education
  • UX Evaluation I & II
  • Psychology and UX Design
  • Conception and Prototyping
  • Interaction & Interface Design
  • Practice project
  • Master's thesis

Career prospects

With a Master of Science in User Experience & Design, you will qualify to work in companies, organisations and start-ups as a UX designer, product owner, innovation manager, UX engineer, UX researcher, UX strategist, UX manager, product manager, strategic planner or digital information officer/manager (DIO/DIM).

About PFH university

PFH Private University of Applied Sciences was recognised by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture in 1995, which means that it is Lower Saxony's oldest private, state-recognised university. In 2007, PFH received institutional accreditation from the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA). Through its Board of Trustees and its more than 500 partner companies, the university has excellent links to business throughout Germany, which gives students ample internship opportunities.

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