Prof. Dr. Hubert Schüle

Professor of Business Information Systems and E-Business

Prof. Dr. Schüle lehrt UX Design und Wirtschaftsinformatik an der PFH Göttingen

Prof. Dr. Hubert Schüle

Hubert Schüle was born in 1964. Following his Business Administration studies in Nuremberg, he gained his doctorate at the University of Göttingen. He then worked for a consultancy company in Hamburg for a number of years, focusing on business process management, information management as well as the development and introduction of ERP systems.

Since 1996, Hubert Schüle has been shaping business information systems at the PFH University of Applied Sciences. He continues to carry out the activity of management consultant in parallel. His involvement in many projects has given him profound knowledge of the requirements on information systems and corresponding solutions. This knowledge is incorporated directly in his teaching and is passed on to students.

Work and research interests

  • IT strategies and information management
  • Business process management
  • ERP systems
  • Knowledge management and e-learning
  • Business models in e-business

Visions and objectives

  • To provide transparency as to the importance that information processing can have for business strategy and success.
  • To sensitise students to being able to draw a clear distinction between technologically feasible and economically viable use of information systems.
  • To leave a lasting impression on students.

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