Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilm F. Unckenbold

Professor of Fibre Composite Technology

Professor Dr. Wilm F. Unckenbold

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilm F. Unckenbold

Born in Göttingen on 7 July, 1963, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wilm F. Unckenbold studied General Mechanical Engineering at the TU Clausthal. He worked as a Research assistant in the Institute for Technical Mechanics at the TU Clausthal.

He did his doctorate at the TU Clausthal on the subject of "statics for thermo-mechanically loaded heating panels of tall coke ovens based on orthotropic structures", and was project director at the Institute of Structural Mechanics of the Braunschweig Research Centre of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

He served as a Managing Director of INVENT, Innovative Verbundwerkstoffe Realisation und Vermarktung neuer Technologien GmbH, and was a lecturer in the Production and Process Engineering Department at Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel University of Applied Sciences. He was also Managing Director of HPS, High Performance Space Structure Systems GmbH; self-employed as freelance engineer (Ingenieurbüro für Leichtbau Dr. Unckenbold).

One of main areas of his activity: Head of the Business Centre of the CFK Valley Network of Excellence in Stade as an independent consultant of Sperlich-Consulting GmbH, Rosdorf. Since April 2007, professor at the PFH Private University of Applied Sciences.

Work and research interests

  • Material and series-specific fibre composite constructions
  • Design principles of fibre composite structures
  • Fracture-mechanical behaviour of fibre composite structures
  • Non-linear, anisotropic material behaviour in the presence of plate-shaped and disc-shaped loads (bulges)

Visions and objectives

  • To create in-depth understanding of fibre-reinforced composites as a contribution to establishing lightweight materials in future growth markets
  • To provide application-oriented and long-term training of budding and professionally experienced engineers in the target field of fibre composite technology
  • To enthuse young people for innovative lightweight structures of fibre composite construction

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