Honorary Professor of Asian Studies, especially China and India

Prof. Dr. Manuel Vermeer

Professor Dr. Manuel Vermeer

Prof. Dr. Manuel Vermeer

Prof. Dr. Manuel Vermeer studied modern and classical Sinology and Spanish Romance Studies at the University of Heidelberg and Shanghai International Studies University. He received his doctorate from Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, on a topic related to modern Chinese economic policy.

At the East Asia Institute of the Ludwigshafen University of Economics and Society, which he co-founded, Manuel Vermeer teaches, among other things, the Chinese language (technical language for business), culture and business, and international management. As a sworn translator and interpreter, he accompanied two Chinese state visits for the federal government under Chancellor Kohl. Vermeer is Visiting Professor at Somaiya University, Mumbai, India.

Born in Westphalia, the son of an Indian mother and a German father, he has strategically advised European and Asian companies and politicians on business with China, India and Europe for 30 years. He works as a trainer and seminar leader for intercultural management and leadership. In addition to his professorship at the PFH, the proven China and India expert continues to carry out these consulting assignments.

Vermeer is a tutor and juror for the German Business Foundation (SDW), Berlin.

Work and research interests

  • Questions of geopolitics
  • Intercultural management and international personnel management
  • European-Asian Relations
  • Sino-Indian Relations
  • Future multilateral world economic order

Visions and objectives

  • Promotion of Asia competence in educational institutions, companies and in politics in Europe
  • Mediator in Asian-European conflict cases
  • Promotion of cooperation between European and Asian universities
  • Mentor for students of Asia-related majors



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