Qualities of great business leaders

professor explains qualities of business leaders

Business leaders juggle numerous hats. They are responsible for a variety of duties so their success depends on having strong leadership abilities. A great business leader has a number of qualities that enable them to excel in a leadership role. Here are some of the qualities of great business leaders.


Great leaders are inquisitive at all stages of their careers. Being curious means seeking out new and innovative ideas to improve their business. The best leaders encourage their members to be curious and inventive as the willingness to try new things can positively impact the company culture. 


Those that are successful in business evaluate their own strengths and, more significantly, their own weaknesses. This enables them to identify the skills they are lacking and, as a result, assign tasks to team members who possess them. A good leader will also recognise their flaws so they may take steps to strengthen them.


To be a great leader, you need to be transparent with the rest of your team. Identifying the team’s needs is important, especially when dealing with a distributed workforce. Clear, efficient communication builds strong teams.

Goal setting

Setting specific business goals for the organisation, the team, and oneself is another aspect of effective leadership. Excellent corporate leaders are able to express their vision in detail. This encourages their employees to put in the arduous effort required to produce the desired outcomes within a company. 

Tasking risks

The business world is full of challenges. A true leader is prepared to take risks in order to improve performance or accomplish objectives. Additionally, they are able to make the best decisions by gathering information and testing various scenarios. 

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