Culture Semester Ticket & Bahn Semester Ticket: The benefits of studying at the PFH


Studying abroad is an exciting, beneficial and all in all, amazing experience. It opens the door to many opportunities, one of them being lots of exploring and sightseeing. Study abroad programmes bring you closer to places you might otherwise not have had the opportunity to visit. 

Now, settling can be hard at first, but there’s nothing like learning about the local culture to help make your transition easier. You’ll have time to venture out and explore after classes, on weekends and during academic breaks. Discovering and learning about your new surroundings will make it easier for you to navigate around the city.

Culture Semester Ticket

Should you choose to study at the PFH at campus Göttingen, we’ll provide you with the Culture Semester Ticket. This ticket offers free or significantly reduced entrance fees to numerous events in many cultural facilities in Göttingen. All you’ll need to do is provide your student identification card and the accompanying Semester Ticket sheet. 

You can visit the Deutsches Theater, Göttinger Symphonie Orchester, go to basketball games, and concerts, participate in workshops, and many other activities and events. 

List of all participating cultural facilities included in the PFH Culture Semester Ticket

Bahn Semester Ticket

We also provide our students at the campus in Göttingen with a Bahnsemesterticket. This ticket applies to most train connections in Lower Saxony and some routes in northern Hesse. To use the ticket, all you’ll have to do is show your student identification card, along with the supplementary Semesterticket sheet. 

You can visit Hamburg, Bremen, Hannover, Wolfsburg, Paderborn, and many other cities!

Details and list of connections covered by the PFH Bahnsemesterticket 

Becoming a student at the PFH and receiving the Culture Semester Ticket and Bahn Semesterticket will make it easier (and cheaper) for you to immerse yourself in the local culture. Getting a free entrance or paying a significantly smaller fee at cultural facilities will certainly keep you busy exploring. Having the train ticket will save you lots of money that you can then use for more travelling, or anything else. 

Still thinking about where to study abroad? Take a look at our Master programmes in Management and Composites and join us. At PFH we help you make the best out of your study abroad experience!