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The Zentrum für Entrepreneurship (Centre for Entrepreneurship) of PFH has been offering this three-day intensive seminar for young business starters on a regular basis since 2010. Starter teams are invited to compete with innovative ideas and concepts that offer the promise of sustained success.

In addition to project work in ideas workshops, participants work on specialist and methodological content relating to entrepreneurship, together with high-calibre consultants from business and academia. Challenging soft skill units complement the compact learning programme. Following the intensive day programme, the evening fireside chats offer participants an opportunity to discuss with interesting entrepreneurs and business starters about their experiences.

The series of events entitled "Göttingen Marketing Day" is a forum for discussions with marketing experts in the field.

Application-based research outcomes are incorporated, as are case studies and best-practice examples from the everyday world of business. There is an opportunity to exchange ideas with the speakers and with other guests in the context of customary panel discussions and at the subsequent evening events.

The programme has so far covered the following topics:

  • Social media marketing, brand naming, B2B branding, low-budget marketing, cross-channel marketing and retailing
  • Viral marketing, shitstorms in the social web and international retail strategies
  • Positioning and repositioning strategies of successful brands

Further information

The website of the Göttingen Marketing Day provides both marketing experts and interested lay persons with constantly updated reports on innovative marketing trends, successful campaigns and much more. The latest findings from research and science receive attention, as do current application examples from renowned companies in the practical world.

The Göttingen Strategy Discussions are a regular event staged by the PFH, offering entrepreneurs and students alike a platform for discussing with high-calibre experts about current management issues. The University attaches particular importance here to linking scientific expertise with practical experience. The Strategy Discussions get underway with the invited experts giving a number of trigger presentations. The issues are consolidated, and the acquired knowledge is shared, in workshops and in panel discussions.

The programme has so far covered the following topics:

  • Windows or Linux?
  • Managing customer relationships
  • Der SPIEGEL as a brand
  • Business transformations due to e-business
  • Retail business: convenience, smart or discount shopping?
  • Personnel development strategies
  • How are cult brands actually created?
  • Lifelong working-time accounts
  • Customer Insights
  • Increasing revenue by strategic pricing
  • Strategies for demographic change

High-calibre internships are the passport to a career, which is why, once every year, PFH students dedicate themselves to "applying" for an internship in one of the University's Board of Trustee companies.

The second-semester students of the management study programmes use creative presentations and shows that vary from being intelligent to funny to introduce themselves to the company representatives. In passing, their presentations reveal what practical experience, interests and character traits they have for an internship. Personnel managers of numerous Board of Trustee companies regularly take advantage of this opportunity to get to know potential interns.

A high-calibre talk, plenty of time for networking and a richly laid breakfast buffet: using this concept, the PFH extends an invitation to attend the Business Breakfast twice a year. The event has established itself as an informal business forum for southern Lower Saxony, with many of the region's company managers as well as trustees, sponsors and partners of the University taking advantage of the meeting. The Breakfast Statement always acts as the starting point for an informal exchange over scrambled eggs and croissants.

The programme has so far covered the following topics:

  • Opportunities for the region of North Germany in the crisis
  • The backpack strategy - a guide for the personal assembly of pension provision components
  • The adroit company. Communicating quickly and openly
  • Compliance - the thin line
  • Why the chances of the next Internet giant coming from Berlin are good
  • Limits of economic thinking
  • Radio advertising stays in the memory

The events in the Research Colloquium series of the PFH University of Applied Sciences give holders of positions of responsibility in companies an opportunity to discuss new developments in research on business administration topics in an intensive and focused manner.

The organisers attach great importance to the practical relevance of issues in order to obtain realistic implementation scenarios and proposals for action based on the results.

The series of Socio-Political Discourses at PFH addresses current, socially controversial issues on a semi-annual basis. This event is not about giving talks. Rather, the intention is to move the viewpoints, opinions and arguments of all participants centre-stage. The aim consists in getting to know others' opinions as well as formulating, presenting, reflecting on, and possibly modifying, one's own viewpoints. Each event will start with a brief trigger presentation to create a basis for the general discussion.

Invitations are extended to all interested pupils, teachers, parents of pupils of our partner schools and all students and members of PFH Göttingen.

The programme has so far covered the following topics:

  • Causes and consequences of the global economic and financial crisis
  • Politicians' weariness of office: expression of excessive demands or abdication of responsibility?
  • Revolution in the Arab world Western interests, objectives and conflicts
  • Euro and debt crisis: is the European Union about to fail?
  • Failing states as a problem of international development policy
  • Germany as a business location: problems, opportunities, action strategies
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"So habe ich mein Fernstudium geschafft!" - Erfahrungsberichte aus erster Hand

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Online-Infoveranstaltung zum Fernstudium an der PFH mit Prof. Dr. Antje Mörstedt

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