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General Management, Master of Science

Professor Dr. Antje-Britta Mörstedt
Die BWL-Professorin Antje Mörstedt trägt ein fliederfarbenes Jackett und lächelt, sie lehrt im Masterstudium General Management an der PFH Göttingen.
Studierende im BWL-Master diskutieren in einem hellen, freundlichen Arbeitsraum an einem modernen Schreibtisch, auf dem ein Laptop steht, über die Inhalte im Masterstudium General Management an der PFH Göttingen.

A career booster for future executives with a job guarantee

This course is intended for students who have completed a Bachelor's degree or a Diploma in Business Sciences. It will qualify you to perform functions with leadership responsibility in companies and organisations as well as to undertake an academic career. It will also enable you to undertake a doctorate.

With the qualification, PFH also provides you with a job guarantee: we will return a part of your tuition fees if you have completed your course within the standard period of study, but have not found a suitable job within nine months of graduating.

Programme Highlights


Master of Science 90 ECTS

Study location


Length of study

3 semesters (1,5 years)

Tuition fees

€5,100 per semester
€1,000 admin and enrolment fee (one-time fee)
€1,000 examination fee (one-time fee)

Start dates

April 1st, October 1st each year

Entry requirement

Bachelor's degree or equivalent with a business focus (see also "Semester 0")

Study content

The Master's degree enables you to add academic depth to specialist focus areas from the basic study programme or to add further focus areas. In addition, it focuses on Corporate Management and Accounting. The study programme also contributes to developing your personality and strengthening your personal skills in the form of individual coaching sessions as well as courses in soft skill training and Business English. In addition, the mentoring scheme of our professors and the University's own Career Service will support you in starting your career. Through its numerous elective options, the syllabus of the Master's degree offers maximum scope for individual specialisation in accordance with your career goals. For example, you will choose two out of six focus areas in the first semester.

Studierende sitzen in der Vorlesung und lernen die Inhalte im Studium

PFH offers a Master's Foundation Programme (MFP), which enables students, who otherwise might not have enough study credits - especially in the business field, to get accepted for the master’s degree in General Management.

With this foundation programme, students acquire the knowledge needed to pursue our master’s degree in General Management. This means that students with no academic background in management, business or the like can apply for it. It is designed entirely as a distance learning programme, reducing the cost per semester by 50%.

Module 1: Corporate Management I
Strategic Corporate Management, Human Resources Management, Organisation

Module 2: Specialisation in business administration subjects
The students chooses from the following three subjects. In one of the three subjects, the student does a term paper. 

E-Business I, Industrial Management and Logistics I, International Marketing I, Sales Management I, Term paper

Module 3a: International Governance
International Political Economy, Academic Writing and Research Methods

Module 4: Project Work I
Project Work, Project Work (8-week Internship)

Module 5: Corporate management II
Innovation Management, Management in Medium-Sized Companies, Company Succession

Module 6: Specialisation in business administration subjects
The subjects chosen in Module 2 are continued.

E-Business II, Industrial Management and Logistics II, International Marketing II, Sales Management II

Module 3b: International Governance
Leadership Training, Business Ethics and Sustainability

Module 8: Project work II
Project Work, Project Work (8-week Internship), Semester Abroad

Module 9: Project Work III
Project Work, Project Work (8-week Internship), Semester Abroad

Module 10: Master Thesis

After graduation - your career begins

The Master of Science in General Management will qualify you for challenging activities in business and academia. It will equip you, in particular, to carry out leadership functions in companies and organisations. The Master's qualification will also open up an academic career path and a doctorate for you.

PFH Management graduates are employed throughout the world and in a wide variety of industries today: as a marketing manager in Asia, as a controller in a DAX company, as an adviser in a public auditing firm, as an international market representative for an automotive group, as a brand specialist in the food industry, as a managing director of the graduate's own start-up or as a Professor of Business Administration at a university.

  • E-Business

    The volume of online trade in Germany in 2010 was estimated at around 145 billion euros. A realistic forecast of market opportunities, precise knowledge of business processes and entrepreneurial qualifications are essential for the successful implementation of e-business projects. The success of internet portals that have made it from a small idea to a multi-billion dollar business is still impressive. However, mastering the business processes in e-business harbours a number of challenges that, in the flood of new business models on the Internet, make the difference between successful entrepreneurship and a small soap bubble that will quickly disappear from the market.

    In the master's program in General Management, the specialisation subject of e-business provides you with knowledge of the most important technologies that are required to set up and operate e-business business areas. You will also get to know all the relevant business and legal aspects and framework conditions of e-business in detail. In addition, the specialisation shows how e-business applications can also be used in public administration or healthcare.

  • Industrial Management

    Dealing with business management problems relating to industrial production, sales and procurement require a series of complex management methods. Process management and control in industrial companies can be transferred to almost all sectors. With the Industrial Management specialisation, students have excellent career opportunities in industrial companies, consulting or in the logistics sector.

    In the General Management Master's degree, the Industrial Management and Logistics specialisation imparts an understanding of strategic and structurally relevant issues in industrial manufacturing. Newer concepts of production planning and control are also discussed. It enables you to independently develop solution concepts for planning problems in industrial companies. You can also evaluate complex alternative courses of action in industrial management and their connections with other areas of the company.

  • International Marketing

    Behind the world of marketing, which is often perceived as colourful and glittering, there is hard work, from market research and analysis to action planning, budgeting and implementation. For future managers in international marketing, the country and culture-specific differences in different regions of the world are also important. The International Marketing specialisation, which you can take in the General Management (Bachelor’s and Master’s) and Business Psychology (Bachelor’s) courses, equips you with the skills you need to take on leading positions in marketing departments with an international focus.


  • Sales Management

    The focus of the study is on the training of future sales managers, especially in the business-to-business area. This professional profile requires a combination of key qualifications and excellent business administration know-how with regard to the corporate function of sales. Training elements such as sales, project management or practical workshops are carried out with the support of experienced sales professionals. Sales still offer excellent earning opportunities in many sectors, but "selling needs to be learned". The diverse course content of this major ranges from customer relationship management and the use of effective planning and analysis tools for sales to individual negotiation in sales talks, with which students sharpen their profile to become complete sales professionals.

  • Key Account Management

    After training as a manager, you can find a job as a key account manager. The tasks of key account managers include looking after key customers. This refers to customers who are of central importance to the company. Business relationships are thus primarily developed in key account management. Key account managers develop plans with the key customers, which products they want to buy, how much sales and turnover will be achieved with them and at what price the products will then be available.

  • Project Management

    You will find a diverse profession in the field of project management: Hardly any other job is so cross-sector and interdisciplinary. As a project manager, you initiate, plan, control and monitor projects and lead them to completion. Project management tasks include writing business cases, creating a project structure plan through to cost statements, resource planning and organising and leading meetings. When working on a project in a team, project managers also take on management tasks.

  • Consulting

    One of the professions that you can practice after studying general management is that of a consultant (management consultant). As a consultant, you are responsible for optimising the strategies and structures of a company. By checking processes and systems, you will find a good and individual solution for the operation - be it faster production, a successful delivery route or the use of a new IT system. Your challenges are very different, depending on the client and your specialisation.

Karriere im Management

Job Guarantee

Since there are plenty of job openings in the German job market, we are confident our students will find jobs quickly after they finish studying. That's why we're offering a 20% refund on full tuition fees if they don't land a job within 9 months of graduating.

To be eligible for the refund, the student must:

  • successfully completed their studies within the regular study period.
  • attained a minimum GPA of 2.5 upon graduation.
  • shown proof of a B2 level German language proficiency in form of a certificate.

Student Buddy Program

Ease into campus life with our student buddy program! Connect with experienced peers who provide support, guidance, and a friendly face, making your academic journey a breeze.

International Dual Degree

You can also enrol for an international Dual Award Programme in collaboration with one of our Dual Award partners. You will complete one part of the study programme abroad and will have two Master's qualifications to show for it at the end. PFH is currently preparing further collaborative partnerships for international dual awards. You can, of course, also complete a semester abroad, without taking a dual degree, at one of PFH's partner universities.

Your Benefits

  • Study programme with a job guarantee
  • Two Master’s degrees in only three semesters
  • Electives for individual study schedules
  • Up to ten project months in companies
  • Individual supervision in small learning groups

International University Cooperation

Depending on your personal interests, you can deepen and supplement the know-how acquired in Göttingen at the respective international partner university. PFH is currently collaborating with the following institutions in the dual degree programme, with further collaborations to follow:

  • Kedge Business School (Bordeaux, France)
  • Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia)
  • Regent's University London (UK)

In principle, these cooperations are structured in the same way as international dual degrees. In detail, they are adapted to the circumstances of the respective partner universities. The goal is always the same: You receive two degrees at the same time and thus qualify as an attractive candidate for international companies.

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Who can study at PFH

Things you need

You are passionate about...
the topics of corporate management and accounting as well as practice-oriented projects.
You bring these qualifications with you...
Bachelor's degree or equivalent with a business focus (see "Semester 0")

Things you do not need

Grades are not a hurdle
We do not focus on grades, but on individuals: We take the time for aptitude tests and interviews.
Graduated from PFH
Did you complete your bachelor's degree at another university? No problem - our lecturers build on your previous knowledge.

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At PFH University, you can apply at any time.

  • Application form via our website
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Letter of motivation
  • School leaving certificate (University Entrance Certificate)
  • Bachelor's degree certificate (or provisional certificate, if not yet awarded)
  • Transcript of records for your Bachelor's degree
  • Proof of English proficiency (minimum B2 level)
    • English language certificate: TOEFL iBT 86, IELTS 6.5, Duolingo, or equivalent.
    • Document stating that the medium of instruction of your Bachelor’s course was English.
  • An employment reference is optional, though highly recommended
  • Copy of passport
  • Digital photo for your university card

Yes, you will need proof of advanced English language skills, e.g. Bachelor’s taught in English, TOEFL, IELTS, ESOL CAE or BEC Higher.

If you are a citizen of a country in the EU, EEA or Switzerland, you do not require a visa or other documentation to enter Germany and study here. However, once you arrive and find accommodation, you must register with the local residents’ registration office.

If you are coming from a country other than the ones named above, you will require a visa. For more information specific to your home country, please visit the Federal Foreign Office website.

At PFH University, we offer international students three types of scholarships:

  • STIBET-Programmes
  • DAAD Prize
  • Deutschland Stipendium/Germany Scholarship

For more information on each of the scholarships, click here.

During your studies, you are generally allowed to do 120 full days or 240 half-days of paid work and take small student jobs. In exceptional circumstances, your local foreigners office may impose further restrictions.

International students coming to Germany have two options when it comes to accommodation: student halls of residence and private accommodation. For more information, you can visit the Accommodation Finder from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research or contact our international office.

When you compare Germany to other European countries, you’ll find that it’s not very expensive. The living costs are just slightly higher than the EU average, with rent being the largest expense. On average, students in Germany spend around 850 EUR per month (750 EUR in Göttingen for the management degree).

Questions - always welcome

Do you still have questions about your studies? We are by your side! Our consulting team can be reached under the following contact options.
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    Mo – Do 08:00 – 18:00 Uhr

    sowie Fr 08:00 – 16:30 Uhr