Student life in Germany: Socialising and attending events

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Student life in Germany: Socialising and attending events

While studying is an essential part of it, it is also important to meet new people and embrace what the student life has to offer. Today we talk about socialising and attending events as an international student in Germany. 

Socialise and attend events

Germany is well-known for its unique clubbing screen, with Berlin labelled as the world’s techno capital. And that is far from being the only thing you can do alongside your studying. Look for English-speaking groups in your community or in your university’s student clubs. Finding like-minded people who speak English should be easy no matter where you go. 

Orientation weeks

Many universities organise orientation weeks for international students. These often consist of planned activities such as sightseeing tours, day trips and parties. They even offer free language classes sometimes. It is the perfect opportunity to explore your new surroundings and meet students from around the world. For more information, check your university’s website or contact the international office.

Clubs and societies

Universities have plenty of clubs and societies that cater to the interests of their students. Instead of the universities themselves, these clubs are usually run by individual students or groups of students. From international clubs to art groups, day trips and cinema societies, you can find information about these on the university’s website. 

Sports and outdoor activities

Playing sports is a great way to connect with people. Football is a very popular sport in Germany. And joining a sports team can be a great way to meet new people. Many universities have sports facilities and run fitness programs on campus. Fitness classes or gym memberships also come at reasonable fees.

Outdoor activities like hiking, cycling and skiing are also very popular. The great transportation system and geographic location in Europe allows for easy access to a wide variety of landscapes.


Festivals are a great way to meet new people and experience what Germany has to offer. There are many festivals in Germany throughout the year, celebrating various cultural and historical events. Some examples include:

  • Oktoberfest - held annually in Munich, this 16-day festival is one of the most popular events in Germany known for its large beer tents, traditional food, and live music.
  • Cologne Gay Pride or Christopher Street Day - one of the largest LGBTQIA+ events organised in Germany and one of the biggest in Europe.
  • Berlin Festival of Lights - takes place in October and features illuminated buildings and landmarks throughout the city.
  • Lollapalooza Berlin - the American festival draws thousands of visitors annually with its mix of music, art, food, and more.
  • Christmas markets - many German cities hold traditional Christmas markets in December, featuring handmade crafts, food, and festive decorations.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog post on the student life in Germany through socialising and attending events. Should you choose to start your studies here, take a look at the different academic programmes we offer.


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